Most of my work can be found on my first website/blog which I started in 2012: Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes.

About Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

This blog started out as a blog about a Latina mother (me!) raising her son bilingually and multiculturally. It has grown into a multicultural parenting lifestyle website geared toward parents who are interested in culture, multicultural parenting, raising bilingual kids, food, and travel. As a parent and educator, I love being able to provide this resource for all. 

Here are a few of the articles that I’ve written on my blog: 

On Multicultural Identity

On Black History, Identity and Culture

On Puerto Rico

On Bilingualism

Latin America for Kids

En español

You can also find articles I’ve written on: 

Spanish Mama 

How I Began to Teach My Son Spanish at 4 

Mommy Maestra

How to Host a Children’s Hispanic Heritage Month Party

For Multicultural Kid Blogs

For Multicultural Children’s Book Day 

Spanish Playground 


All Done Monkey 

Mama Smiles 

Speaking Events 


Speaking event in partnership with Power to Fly on having Courageous Conversation about Hispanic Heritage Month. 


Speaking event with MakeMake Biblioteca Digital for Hispanic Heritage Month to share context, recommendations, and best practices on how to promote Hispanic culture in a fun and engaging way.

Annual event at the Orangeburg County Library to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day with library patrons. 


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