Frances Díaz Evans is a Latina educator, author, wife, and mom to a teenager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Universidad del Este in Puerto Rico and a Master of Education in Spanish from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. She is the founder and writer of the multicultural and bilingual parenting sites: Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes and Discovering Español a business dedicated to teaching Spanish online. She began to write when her son was 4 years old about their multicultural/ bilingual family living, learning, and discovering the world through their son’s eyes. Currently, her website has evolved into a resource for multicultural and bilingual parenting. Like-minded families and educators can find educational information about Puerto Rico, Hispanic and Latino culture, multicultural and bilingual parenting, and book recommendations, among other topics. Through her work as a multicultural and language advocate, she fosters and elevates the Latino culture and Spanish language both online and in her local community. Now as a published author, she hopes to continue instilling a love for Puerto Rico and the importance of bilingualism to children around the world.

Coco the Puerto Rican Parrot is her first children’s book.

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